Yes, I am a mom who dyed her hair purple. The site name came about because I was collecting donations from the families at my daughter’s dance school. We wanted to pool together and get the owner/teacher a great gift. In the flyer, it said to find the dance mom with purple hair. My friend thought that was the perfect name for this blog and so Mom With Purple Hair it is.

My journey to lasting friendships started after I was married and a mom. I was working and felt alone. Most of my college friends had left and we weren’t as like-minded as we once were. I needed women who would be in the trenches with me. And so my journey to build lasting relationships began with a mom book club. That evening once a month cultivated some of my closest friendships that are still going strong today. In fact, a lot of my friendships started with long evenings. I eventually had an eclectic, yet like-minded, group of women. From wives and mothers to single women they all have poured love and wisdom into my life. We have loved each other as family and we are truly sisters in Christ. I would not trade the experiences, joyful and painful, I have shared with them for the world.

I hope as I share my journey that it may be a blessing to you as well. My prayer is that no woman should have to walk this Christian life alone; that each woman can be a blessing, and be blessed by her sisters.

Note: All my friends have aliases to help protect their privacy. They have given me permission to share their stories on this blog. Concerning comments: please keep it loving and gracious. I want this to be a safe place to just read, be encouraged, and hopefully, a bit challenged.  Feel free to share and discuss my videos and posts on your own social media. Also please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have.


Jamie (The Mom with Purple Hair)