Not another “Bloom where you are planted” post!

Stop scrolling! I know, I know, just another cliche “bloom where you are planted” post. I get it. We as Christians throw these little sayings around and soon they become an euphemism people say to you in tough times. But I would like to reclaim this saying.

These pictures are from my neighbor’s gravel “driveway” between our houses. These flowers were not planted intentionally in this area by either of us. But nature in our gardens, and some neighbors’ gardens, scattered these seeds. See the yellow flower? That one is from my garden. The small lavender bush, me again, and the fluffy white flowers, me! I am pretty sure the daisy bush came from my neighbor. And I am not sure where the variety of poppies came from.

They are so beautiful that my neighbor is watering them to help them thrive. She could have pulled them all out leaving the gravel drive bare. Most people would have done that. They would have decided the rock was enough and the flowers were intrusive.

And here is where “bloom where you are planted” comes into the story. Blooming where we are planted isn’t just for us. It is to bring beauty to others. To show Christ through our trials and allow His beauty to shine. Sometimes we are planted intentionally by God. Sometimes He allows our painful circumstances (caused by a fallen world) to plant us somewhere else. But God sees the beauty in us; just like my neighbor recognized the beauty in the spontaneous flower garden. He is waiting to water and care for us in places the world says we should not be. So please bloom where you are planted. You will never know how God uses that to touch other lives!

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