Pulling Weeds = Life Lessons

There are some amazing sermon illustrations in these two pics. Here are some of my take aways.

1) Just because someone’s life looks like a mess it may be circumstances they can’t control. I couldn’t control the weather that decided to rain every single free day I had. So my weeds grew and the lawn grew but I am not complaining about the water we need. But my house looked like a disaster and was an eye soar for the neighbors all Spring. While I wanted to fix it I couldn’t. Sometimes life is like that. Christians want to fix it but God is allowing things out of their control and just making them wait and rely on His timing.

2) The biggest and ugliest weeds were the easiest to pull out. The delicate looking ones with pink flowers were the nightmare. They were vines that wrapped around everything! Reminded me of sin. Some sin is glaring and may be easier to remove. Most sin is alluring, delicate, creeping up until we are tangled in the mess. No matter the sin it affects more people than just myself.

3) Speaking of sin and weeds I know those weeds are coming back. I couldn’t get the whole root on some of them. Those roots were very deep. But as long as I keep on top of them I can keep my garden clean. Just like I know I am going to sin but as long as I am in relationship with God, praying, reading the Bible and being feed wise council from my peeps sin won’t control my life.

4) Storms bring good things. Sunday’s storm dumped over an inch of rain! Today was cool and overcast. It was the perfect day to rip up all those weeds as the ground was pliable instead of being bone dry and hard. Without the storm this project (front and back yard) could have easily taken 2 or more days. Storms in our lives can bring good things too. My own storm of divorce and navigating single parenthood brought up some junk God wanted me to work on. He had to remove it from my own garden and I had to be pliable and willing for that work to be done.

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