Intention of Being Intentional

Children are so good at bringing clarity to sometimes ambiguous ideas. As our Sundays together come to an end even the littlest kids have sensed the finality of it. So they ask to sit with each other during worship and spontaneous acts of love happen. What a beautiful picture of being intentional! Yet why does it seem to be so hard as we grow up?

The intention of intentionality is apart of us all. But in this case the thought doesn’t count. Many of us wonder what happened to those friends who were once so close. The lack of intentionality on both sides is one of the biggest killers of relationships. The lack of intentionality also hinders you from forming new relationships. To live an intentional life is work. It means making room. It is dropping plans to help others. Maybe it looks like making a coffee date once a month. Maybe it is a checking in text. Perhaps it is surprising someone with a birthday treat. However it may look like it is also a discipline we have to work toward.

So how are you going to stop the intention of intentionality cycle with your loved ones?

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