The Day We Forgot

And just like that we forgot 9/11. We forgot what it was like to love one another. We forgot what it was like to be united with each other. It didn’t matter 20 years ago where you came from, what your religion was, or what political party you affiliated with….. nothing mattered. Nothing mattered except we were Americans. We held our breath together. We cried together. We prayed together. We were the United States of America.

Yet 20 years later the USA is a former shell of herself on that day. If we truly want to honor today we need to remember how to love. Go love someone who voted for the other guy. Go love someone who disagrees with you on masks and vaccines. Go love someone who is not like you. All our social media posts of remembrance are but chaff on the wind if we don’t go back to the love and unity of that day.

Go out and love!

photo by my friend Jenn on our trip to NYC, edited by me

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