Thriving in the Storm

It was a great weekend with my daughter helping in the kitchen for the Camp Pinewood work weekend. For me God used this time to solidify that yes I am doing what He wants us to do. I was having second thoughts about working all summer at camp. Did I really hear God or was it just what I wanted to do? God was clear the kids and I are supposed to be up here. I have been discouraged about still wanting restoration of our fractured family. Again, God was clear in the teaching that Sunday I am doing His will. I am so thankful for clear direction at this time when I feel more like a ship without an anchor. But I do have an anchor. It is still rough waters but my anchor in the Lord is strong. He isn’t going to cast me out to sea only to be swallowed up by the storm. On the contrary, He will use the storm to teach me deeper truths about Him. My storm will help guide others to the Lord. My storm allows me to pray with understanding for those who also are hurting.

Dear, Sister, I know your storm seems never ending. I know the tears that have been spilt night after night. But I also know the joy of the Lord. I also know the deep groaning of prayer that has led me to search my own heart, repent my own sins, and to yield my life to God. Sister, you are not without an anchor. God is always there. ♥️

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