My Struggles, His Strength

Honestly, I wish this wasn’t true. I wish I could just stay in those green pastures and by those calm waters. To perpetually be Mary sitting at Jesus’s feet, listening. While I wish it, I don’t want it. I wouldn’t trade my faith now for the faith I had 4 years ago. I wouldn’t trade the relationship my kids are developing with God, me, each other, and numerous other godly adults who are pouring into their lives. I wouldn’t trade the fact that God is truly first in my life. I wouldn’t trade the help I am able to give to other hurting women because I still feel the pain, still walk the hard, but know there is joy in the Lord!
Dear Sister, I know this pain is unbearable now. I know you think there will never be another sunny day. But God isn’t going to abandon His little girl. He loves you so much. He will provide what you need even when He doesn’t provide a way out at the moment. #Psalm23 #walkingthehard #joyinthepain #tears #Hisstrength #liveoutthehard #greenpastures #calmwaters #radicallife #intentionalliving #singlemomlife #Godsdaughter #lifelessonslearned

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