Pee on my Floor

A friend loves at all times,
And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17: 17

How much of real life do you live with your friends? I am talking real, hard, messy, joyous, adventurous life. When they come over are you worried about dust bunnies or just happy to have company? When you are the guest do you judge the state of the house or are you grateful for the invitation?

How much real life do you live with others vs showing others your Instagram facade? Real life looks like being surprised by a friend with coffee at your door but you are still in your PJs at 12:30 pm and the house is a mess. You invite her in anyway and have a great chat. Real life looks like a kid (not yours) peeing on your floor. You laugh it off and reassure your friend it is fine. It happens and you have sealed, hardwood floors so easy-peasy clean up. Real life means word vomit spewing from your mouth (saying what comes into your mind when you should have just swallowed that thought) and friends forgiving you on the spot. Real life means your kids complain about the meal being provided by your friend or your friend’s kids complain about your meal. You look at each other in exasperation and enjoy the meal anyway. The kids can wait and have oatmeal at home.

Real life friends don’t mind your idiosyncrasies and you think their oddness is endearing. The reason why you have to drive on a road trip or the preference of the right vs left side of the bed in the hotel room. They don’t mind you may need some time alone because you’re an introvert. And they can overlook the fact you don’t like Harry Potter, at all……… read the Septimus Heap series and then get back to me.

Real life looks like you being called out on an attitude or a sinful habit. Your friends don’t allow idle gossip and are always driving you closer to God. Those real friends will point to God before they point to themselves or to you. That’s real life. Do you have real life friends? Are you a real life friend?

Have you taken time to cultivate the real life of friendship?

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