Be Resolute With Your Resolutions

Here we go again. It is the same tired tune every year. New year, new resolutions, and the same old cycle of quitting. Do you wish you can stop that cycle? To stick with your resolutions and be resolute in your actions. Here are 5 things you need to finish the year strong.

1) Fellowship: you need people in your life that will keep you accountable. This is why such organizations from AA to Weight Watchers want you to have accountability in either another person or a group. It works.

2) Be specific. Stop making general goals like the following: eating health, read more, read the Bible daily, have more me time.

You need a specific goal and a specific timeline. Instead of eating healthier make a goal to eat breakfast every day and plan out those breakfasts. Or make a goal that you will only eat out once a week. Plan out your exercise. For example, you will walk for 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Make a list of books that you want to read this year. Also if reading your Bible daily is on your list it is easier to choose a time and duration: Evenings at 8 for 30 minutes.

What does “me time” even mean to you? Be specific and make a plan. Saturday morning coffee alone? Is it doing a home spa night? Enjoying a bath? (I hear that is popular but I wouldn’t know since I am not a bath person). Having wine while watching a movie (my kind of me time)? Make a date with yourself every week and do it.

3) Take little bites. Don’t try to do everything at once. Break down your goals into bite-sized pieces. You will be able to achieve more and be more motivated to keep going. For example, if your goal is to lose weight then plan a doable goal each week and month. Keep it realistic.

4) Make it fun. If you’re not enjoying it or are not enjoying the results you will probably quit. Make healthy food tasty, grab a delicious drink or snack when reading, rock out to your favorite music while burning those calories.

5) Pray. We ask God for help in other areas of our lives. Why not ask for the improvement of our lives as well? We don’t have to go at this alone with just human power. Ask God for motivation, ask Him for wisdom, and ask Him for a resolute mind. Have your accountability partners pray with and for you. And, of course, pray for them too.

I hope these tips will help rocket your New Year’s resolutions to the finish line in December. Good luck and God bless.

~The Mom with Purple Hair

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