Advent Literature The Finale

It is the last Sunday before Christmas. The time of Advent is over and the party is about to begin. Christmas marks the 1st day of the 12 days of Christmas which ends on Epiphany (January 6th). During this season a question was pondered. What makes a Christmas story a Christmas story? It isn’t just a story set at the time of Christmas. If that were the truth then Hallmark Christmas movies and Die Hard are the epidemy of Christmas stories. That is something I cannot abide too. No, a true Christmas story is more. It is the changing of the main characters’ souls when the circumstances around them do not change. The characters change for the better and thus making life better for those around them. For this reason, I leave you with one of the truest fictional Christmas stories. I am sure you can guess what it is if you have been following this series. Behold the classic tale A Christmas Carol. This is a true work of Christmas fiction that all others can be judged upon. So sit down with the family and have a wonderful read aloud. There probably should be treats and candles involved with this one too.

Thank you for following this series. I hope you enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas,

The Mom with Purple Hair

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