Advent Literature Week III

This week let’s go back to storybooks, cookies, and milk. So gather your family and have a candlelight reading.

The Elves and the Shoemaker is a delightful fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. In its original form, it is still tame for a Grimm fairy tale!  This is the sweet story of two elves helping a poor shoemaker without asking for anything in return (which is odd because most elves are impish little beings in fairy tales). The shoemaker and his wife become wealthy and then hide at Christmas time to find out who the mystery helpers are. One can glean a lot from such a short tale. There is love for your neighbor, doing good without expectation of a reward, stewardship, and diligence. Oh, trust me it is all in there.

My second pick for this week is the Nativity story that was published by Little Golden Book. As a child, I loved my Golden Books. The grocery store had an entire display dedicated to them and we would get the occasional surprise of a book in the grocery bags. One year we received the Christmas Story. The pictures captivated my little mind and the words were easy to read. When I was able to read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve I chose to read the Golden Book version. Call me bias but sweet memories will be made with your kids as well with this little book.

Going with the theme of Little Golden Books then next book on my list is their version of A Night Before Christmas. Again, those older publications picked amazing illustrators. It is because of this book I still can name off all eight tiny reindeer. This book also prompted me to make sugar plums when I was older. Which I found out that sugar plums had very little to do with plums. You can make a sugar plum with or without an actual plum. It is a comfit made with nuts, dried fruit, and sugar. Here’s a raised glass of eggnog to children’s books leading to more knowledge.


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