Advent Literature List II

For this week’s literature reading I have a little-known work by Washington Irving. It is called Old Christmas. This book takes you through an old English Christmas. It delights the readers with the gatherings of family and friends. The time of Christmas is a time of joy and happiness. The good master even takes care that his servants have a very Merry Christmas. The illustrations are a feast for the eyes. They bring the characters to life and are full of activity. I would rank this one up there with The Christmas Carol.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s Letters from Father Christmas is another delight for the young reader. This is a great book for a family read aloud. Tolkien weaves a beautiful tale of the North Pole in his collection of letters sent to his children. Delve into the adventures of Father Christmas, the North Polar Bear, elves, reindeer, and the goblins. Oh my!

Little House on the Prairie offers a variety of Christmas stories. Here is a list of the chapters of each book pertaining to Christmas.

Little House in the Big Woods Chapter 4, Little House on the Prairie Chapter 19, Farmer Boy Chapter 26, On the Banks of Plum Creek Chapter 41, By the Shores of Silver Lake Chapters 19-21, The Long Winter Chapters 18 plus 32 and 33 (Christmas in May), These Happy Golden Years Chapter 25

Enjoy your reading this Christmas season.

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