Day by Day

You might be wondering why, when I am blogging about friendship, would I start with the first challenge to be in the Word daily. My hope and prayer is that this blog will help others develop lasting and healthy friendships. The thing is that if you are not spiritually healthy you won’t be able to maintain healthy friendships (trust me I know this on a personal level for I was lacking in my foundation). Like attracts like.

Friendships are really hard. Without a good foundation in God friendships will eventually dissolve when conflict or hardships arise. I don’t want a friendship just for fun either.  For when the fun stops so does the friendship. I want deep relationship and I am unable to have that without God.

My friends that you are going to hear more about in the coming months are friends who have stood the test of time with me. We have been through some rough times together and many joyful ones. There has been a lot of laughter and some tears. We have been through births, weddings, deaths, depression, job gains and job losses and more. We have weathered through it all but it was because God was our unshakable foundation that we made it through together.

God has shown us how to love one another. He has directed us how to pray for one another. He has taught us when to be silent and just give out hugs. He has taught us when to give wise counsel. And of course we are always up for a good party!

Are we perfect in all the above? Of course not but we try. And in our striving to have a good foundation we have grown into something beautiful. We are God’s handy work and not our own.

So that is why we are starting with getting into the word daily. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day that 10 minutes adds up. So I encourage you, dear friends, to build your foundation in God’s word.

Many Blessings,

Jamie (aka the mom with purple hair)